HUMAN Body Theme : Orthopedic Surgeon

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photo_3.JPGGiven this year's human body theme, we had asked parents dealing in this field to come in and talk to our classes. Mr. Grimberg, an orthopedic surgeon and father of Fleur and Blanche, came in a explained his job to us this week.
His intervention was very interesting, for the children (and the teachers). He did a presentation which we projected on the wall. He explained what a surgeon does, and what the human body looks like on the inside. There were a lot of photos of the inside of the body. Since he is an orthopedic surgeon, they were photos of people’s bones, the insides of knees, etc.  Some children had a hard time watching!! He explained arthroscopic surgeries, which are done with a tiny camera, and we watched videos of him repairing the ligaments in someone's knee.
Then he dressed in his scrubs, and explained why the operating room had to be sterilized and free of any bacteria. He also talked about how to become a doctor, the importance of school, and good health. He finished with a few funnier photos of the whole medical team, and his family.  Finally we were able to ask our questions. It was a truly enriching experience, and we thank him for all the time and effort he put into such a wonderful presentation.
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