un kilomètre à pied; la la lalala 6-12 : build a map

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2012-09-25 14.01.25Today we returned to the « Ecole de la campagne et de la forêt » to learn about the countryside and different landscapes: forests, tundra, deserts, fields, cities…Then we were equipped with compasses, learned how to use them, and went off to explore the countryside, noting things that we could see or hear to the north, south, east and west.


We returned to the class and learn how to use a map. We discussed distances, scales and altitude.


After lunch and recess, we headed out to calculate the distance we traveled, and discover a new landscape: the parc of Marly, where Louis XIV had a country getaway where he would invite his friends to come and hunt. We noted the benches, the shaped trees and bushes, the fountains, basins, and the Seine. Our forest teacher, Gilles, told us about the system of waterwheels that was used to pump the water from Marly-le-Roi all the way to the king’s castle in Versailles.

2012-09-25-14.32.43.jpgThen we had a few minutes to run and roll down the green carpet, a very long hill of grass. We had a blast!













2012-09-25-14.50.12.jpg0n our way back to class, we counted how many steps we needed to take in order to move forward 10 meters. Once we knew this, we were able to calculate approximate distances of fences, paths, fields, etc.











Upon return to the classroom, using the map of the park and the scale, we calculated the total distance that we walked during the day… 










Over 5 kilometers!!!!!!




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