Outing 3-6 Ecole de la campagne et de la fôret juin 2012

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A wonderful day, full of experiences...

Patrick was the guide at the Ecole de la Campagne for the children in the 3 to 6 class.

First we learned about the parts of plants that give rise to vegetables. Carrots and potatoes are roots, cabbage and artichokes are flowers, tomatoes and courgettes are fruit etc.

Then we walked to the vegetable patch where we learned about the special job of insects such as bees. We saw ladybirds and lots of ants.

The children discovered  peas, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and Brussels sprouts at various stages of growth. Patrick gave us herbs to taste as well: parsley, chives, and mint. We also saw fruit bushes like gooseberries.

We then went to get the materials (plant pots, earth etc) for the afternoon and the children took turns in pulling the huge wheel barrow.

By then the children were famished so we had our lunch with the 6 to 12's indoors and then we played in the grass until 1.30 pm. The afternoon activities took place indoors. After speaking about all we had seen in the morning, the 3 to 6's then cut out a paper "sower". Patrick was impressed with their cutting skills!

After a short pause, the children then made a "ladybird house" and they also did some planting.

We were all dry and safe during the big storm that followed  and thanks to Tia's mother who provided snack before we all went home.

A truly great day was had by all!

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