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Certains enfants partent mais continuent de garder un lien fort avec l´école, leurs éducatrices et tous les enfants.

Ils s´écrivent et partagent pour les uns leurs nouvelles découvertes et pour les autres la vie de l´école.

C´est avec un grand intérêt que les enfants partagent leurs émotions, leurs activités et leurs dessins.

Ils correspondent en 3-6 via les guides Montessori et en 6-12 un travail d´écriture en anglais et de dactylographie via l´ordinateur qui  y est fait à travers les courriers qu´ils s´envoient.




Dear Gabriel and Giuliano,


        How are you? I'm fine.  We went to the museum of Maurice Denis, and we did paintings and they're going to put them up in the expostion . We did an easter egg hunt that was super fun. On Friday, we had open doors when all the parents came.

        On the vacation i went to see my best friend  from England.

What did you do on the vacation?

        We are going to have the end of the year show. We are going to be birds. We are going to MLC to practice our show.

        I went to Olivia's birthday party; it was at Ludi Max.

        We have a new student called Jawade. He is in the other group.

        Hope to hear from you soon!


                                                      From Natasha




Dear Gabriel and Giuliano,


               How are you ?I am fine. We are going to the MLC today and we did open doors on Friday and also we went to the museum of  Maurice Denis the week before. We  painted big paintings. We had an easter egg hunt  and we are going the fire department in June.

From Anna-Lena


Dear   Gabriel     and     Giuliano,


How    are    you?       I'm good.   On                                                                                                                               

my   vacation I saw Constance. I do some theater on Thursdays,    and I  will do the play on  Saturday. I' m  happy, but  a little scared.  Talk to you soon.


From, Louise

                I am spinning the rope.


Dear Gabriel and Giuliano,


        We went to the museum to Maurice Denis and we did a big painting that will be in an exposition.


        We did an egg hunt and we had the vacation. We also did open doors.


        We are playing cars at recreation with Yann, Julien, Dominique and Gabriel Ravier.

                                                     From Kevin


Dear Gabriel and Giuliano,



Hello, how are you?  I'm  fine. We went to museum of Maurice     Denis.  

It was good.

I had easy in math in math,but in French, it was a little complicated.


                           From Dominique


I build parking lots and roads.




Dear Gabriel and Giuliano,


How are you?   I'm fine.


-      on Friday May  6 we went to the museum Maurice Denis, we did a big painting.

-      We are going to the MLC today.

-        Kevin,  Dominique, Gabriel R., Julien and I are  playing cars                                                                                                                                           

at recreation; We make parking lots, roads, houses for cars. It's fun!!



                                                       From,  YANN


This is a town for the cars. We create roads with a little broom.

Dear Gabriel and Giuliano,


How are you?


I'm fine.


We went museum of Maurice Denis.  We did a big painting that will be in an exposition.


From, Gabriel R.


We are playing jump rope together. It was fun!







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