L´école de la campagne et de la fôret

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Les 2 ambiances se sont renduesà  l´école de la campagne et de la fôret.

Les plus grands ont pu étudier la biodiversité qui les entoure en abordant cette fois-ci le thème des animaux de la litière. Après avoir découvert dans leur milieu naturel les petites bêtes, ils sont allés dans une salle afin de comprendre l´intérêt de cette biodiversité.

Les enfants 4-6 ans de l´ambiance 3-6 ont découvert à leur rythme et avec émerveillement ce  petit monde.


Darcy, the English teacher of 6-12, presents here the wonderful day they got at this park positioned in the forest of Marly le Roi, close by the school.



This field trip was very enriching for all the students. We studied the "animaux de la litière".  We started off with a little lesson about the animals we would be looking for in the forest bed, how to classify them into groups and what were the characteristics of each group. We learned how to count their legs in pairs.



Then out we went, lifting rocks and logs to find all sorts of little bugs. We used tweezers, and put them in special containers so we could bring them back to class and classify them into different groups (worms, mollusks, crustaceans, arachnids, insects...)  We even happened upon a little mole, but he was too quick for us! We really enjoyed trying to recognize our animals back in class.  

We had a little break for lunch, and a nice recreation!  The weather was not great, but luckily it only rained for a few minutes in the early morning.



In the afternoon, we returned to class to talk about the microscopic animals that live in the leaves of the forest bed. We learned how they avoid the light, and thus how we can "catch" them with a light and a funnel. They then fall into an alcohol solution, so we can put them on slides with a dropper. They are very small!!! We needed help from Gilles, our great forest teacher.  We also classified these microscopic insects and learned about the role they play in the ecosystem.


We finished they day by letting go of all the little forest creatures we had caught that morning.




It was a very complete and fun day! 


Si vous souhaitez en savoir davantage, je vous encourage à visiter le site internet de l´école de la campagne et de la fôret

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