Est-ce que nos plants ont poussé ? Did our plants grow up ?

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On June 7th we returned to the Ecole de la Campagne et de la forêt with our full time pupils from the 3 to 6 class. The day got off to a great start as we walked happily to the centre where we were met by Thomas, our guide for the day.


















P1030875.jpgAfter a short introduction we headed towards the vegetable patch to take a look at everything there.

































P1030864.jpgWe saw the green pepper plants that we had planted 5 weeks earlier. Not all had survived. Thomas showed us carrot and radish plants and the children all had to uproot a radish, clean it off and eat it. Some did.















One group of children then had to pull 2 wheel barrows to an area outside the P1030873vegetable patch and with the help of shovels they filled the wheelbarrows with horse manure and wood chips. Although initially put off by the slight odor of the manure the children were soon digging and enjoying the challenge of filling the wheelbarrow.





































They then pulled the wheelbarrow back to the patch and had a turn at planting cabbage and pumpkin plants. Thomas was very adamant that the children plant the plants correctly to ensure growth. He assisted the  children with this when necessary.



















Everyone enjoyed filling their watering can and soaking their plants.



















































We then returned to the centre for our picnic lunch and playtime on the grass.







In the afternoon we returned to the vegetable patch to prepare the ground for further plants and we learned how to make wood chip paths to walk on beside a specific planting area. The children then planted lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli.  Thomas also brought us deer spotting but all we spotted was a deer print in dried mud!











P1030861.jpgIt was then time to go back to the centre and get ready to leave. All in all it was a marvellous day under a marvellous sky.



















Your child will take home a vegetable plant this week so do help him or her to keep it alive. And why not do a little planting and gardening at home too, the children love it!

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